A well-organized bathroom looks more attractive.


keeping your kitchen organized can help you save money.


Your bedroom should be a space you can use to relax.


Your office organization system help set the productivity level.

How It Works

1. Declutter

Decluttering is much more than improving the aesthetics of your home. It’s necessary for your physical and mental wellbeing.

2. Sort

The process of organizing a home can be tricky without constant upkeep and involves a lot of time, planning and, sorting.  

3. Organize

This last step is not only to organize what you have left, is the implementation of systems that maximize the space functionality.

4. Celebrate

Enjoy and celebrate your success.

Eliene Castro

Eliene is the founder of Closet Organization and Solution LLC, and also an EXPERT Professional Organizer with more than 30 yrs., of experience under her belt.  In 1985 she studied Interior Design in her native country Venezuela. Esperanza is energetic, friendly and empathetic to the needs of her clients. Esperanza is always looking for her next client to empower and motivate them to start making the changes in their life they have been looking for.

Her primary objective focuses on establishing functionality systems within your home or business that will allow you and those around you to truly enjoy every space.  You will identify yourself with her slogan “Having a clean house is always good, but having a clean an organized house is better”


What People are Saying

She was definitely very efficient.

"Esperanza is a great professional and very methodical, taking care of every little detail.  I was overwhelmed when I moved to my new home. Esperanza came over and help me getting my closets organized, kitchen, pantry, and garage. She was definitely very efficient. She organized everything by colors, sizes, and types of items. She is skillful and full of energy and positive attitude. I recommend her service to anybody looking for a fabulous experience and enjoyable process."

 Luisana Frías.

What a pleasure working with Elie.

"I'm an older woman with an older home here in Petaluma, Ca.  Lots of junk collected over the years. 

Elie patiently helped me go thru all my closets and cabinets, keeping the good and storing the old. 

She designed and organized closet space for 2 guest bedrooms and a linen closet.

I then asked her to continue with the kitchen pantry and kitchen cabinets.  How nice to finally be able to get what I need easily!
How organized and nice everything looks!"
Stella L.


“Loving my newly decluttered space

"Eli recently provided services for a kitchen project.

She has very creative ideas and has a gift for organizing items.

I found Eli to be thorough with the ability to show you how to utilize your space in a more functioning way.

I highly recommend her services."





Hella Schafner


"Es rápida, eficiente y justa en su enfoque."

"Eliene me ha permitido transformar nuestro ático, espacio por espacio, pared por pared, gabinete por gabinete.

Su aportación mesurada, meditada y bien informada nos llevo a culminar el arduo proyecto.

Estoy muy agradecida por la excelente dedicación de Eliene, cada vez que miro alrededor del ático, me hace sentir feliz particularmente ahora en este período de pausa."

Andrea Sanchez.

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